Passion PL Foam Pillow

High-density support cotton heightening pad

Each passion pillow comes with two high-density support sponge pads, which can be freely adjusted to the height of the pillow that best suits you.


Woven cotton-2018 new technology

The core material of passion, newly developed in Germany in 2018, can be used 200,000 times without deformation. The woven fabric has excellent air permeability and helps to dissipate heat. The tailoring of the pillow conforms to the curve of your head, disperses the pressure on your shoulders and necks, and provides the best comfort.


Super soft removable and washable knitted fabric cover

The cloth cover is made of 550G thick super soft pure cotton knitted fabric, and has been treated with anti-pilling. The detachable zipper design is easy to clean. Improve long-term use of accumulated dirt, allergens and dust mites, and help relieve symptoms such as nasal and facial skin sensitivity.

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