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Meet different sleeping positions at the same time

The passion pillow has many different sleeping positions. Whether you are used to sleeping on your side or on your back, it can always meet your needs


Passion (L) Large size woven cotton pillow

Sleep on your back: (recommended suitable person: male) moderate body shape / fitter / fatter, height 170cm or higher

Sleep on your back: (recommended suitable person: female) thicker shoulders/longer neck/larger body, height above 165cm

Sleeping on the side: (recommended suitable persons: male/female) height above 160cm


Passion (M) Medium Size Woven Cotton Pillow

Sleep on back: (Recommended suitable persons: male/female) thinner body / thinner shoulder thickness, thin body within 165cm

Sleeping on the side: (recommended suitable person: female) thinner body shape / narrower shoulder width / teenagers aged 12-18


Passion (S) Small size woven cotton pillow

Sleep on back/side: (recommended suitable for: children) children aged 5-11


Upon purchasing any pillow, entitle the following gifts for FREE (worth up to HKD$350)

  • Extra pillow cover  (worth HKD 250)
  • Supportive pad X2 (worth HKD 50)
  • Pillow travel bag (worth HKD 50)
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Additional Information
Cushion size

L (60 x 38 x 12 cm), M (58 x 35 x 10 cm), S (55 x 33 x 8cm)

Ergonomic Cutting


The cutting of passion PL Foam pillow fit the curve of human

shoulder and neck, two sides provide six surfuce in total,

no matter sleep on one’s back or one’s side, passion PL Foam pillow

can stay close to your shoulderand neck, in order to relax

the muscle and prevent the stiff neck.

Washable and Removable Ultra-soft Premium Cover


passion’s cover uses 550G cotton fabric with an anti-pill process,

provides comfort, stretch and flexibility. For your convenience,

the zipper cover is easily removable and washable. The

washable cover can solve the dirt, allergen and dust mites problem.

Soothing the symptom of allergic rhinitis and sensitive skin.

High-Density Supportive Pad


Every passion PL Foam Pillow will provide two high-density

supportive pads for free. You can adjust your personal height

of pillow by simply put the high-density supportive pad inside the pillow.

Bag for passion PL Foam Pillow


passion PL Foam Pillow can easily roll for travel.

If you will not use the pillow in a short period of time,

you can roll the pillow and put it inside the bag.


10 Years Warranty

The passion PL Foam used in passion pillow pass the pressure test over the foam for 200,000 times, the supportiveness and thickness remain unchanged. That’s the reason why we can provide a 10 years warranty.


60 Days Trial

After you purchase passion PL Foam Pillow you can enjoy 60 Days trial

at you home. If you think the pillow is not suitable for you,

you can send back the pillow and refund with no charges.

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