Hydraulic Storage Bed with diamond pattern headboard


Hydraulic Storage Bed with diamond pattern headboard


Headboard thickness: 10 cm
Bed frame thickness: 5 cm

  • All of the Hydraulic Storage Bed has a fully embedded design.
  • No additional space is required for installation.
  • All storage beds in our online-shop can be configured to open on sides or at the back.
  • Now you can buy napnice bed with a HKD$3000 discount without using discount code. Next day delivery could be arranged (depends on working schedule and inventory).
  • If you need tailor made size, please WhatsApp or call us on 6622 3588
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    The delivery time for each item is different. After receiving the order from customers, our staff will contact you to arrange the delivery and installation as soon as possible. In general, we will have a regular size bed frame in stock for next day delivery and installation. Customers need to wait for about 30 days for tailor-made order.


    If the destination is not accessible by truck, and a deliveryman needs to carry the products and go up or down stairs or walking distance more than 100m to arrive at the delivery locations. Customers need to pay an extra delivery fee. Click here to learn more.